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The all new designed single piece 7’10” Medium 3/4oz - 4oz Mod Fast Pizz X F5 Collaboration The first 20 will be available today at 4pm CST and then the rest will go to the Gathering. We decided to go with the lighter action to allow those smaller baits like the Shadlittle, Quadlittle, Runt Gills and Crappies the forgiveness in the rod to bring out desired action of the bait. This design will rival the well known BLK710 in performance and feel. Featuring American Tackle Graphite "P Seat" and Ti Forged Snagless Guides with Duralite ceramic inserts. If you can’t make it to the Swimbait Universe Gathering 4 then here’s your chance to get it first.



1 YEAR Limited Warranty*** For damages determined to be from factory defect. F5 Custom Rods LLC offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty repair and replacement policy. In the event a rod is broken, the rod owner must pay the replacement fee in order to receive a replacement rod. If we no longer offer the exact model, we will replace it with the closest comparable model from our current product line. Please send the following to the address listed below: F5 Custom Rods LLC 7700 N Hudson Suite 1 Oklahoma City Ok 73116 - Check or money order to cover the replacement fee and return shipping. See below for replacement fee. If the shipping destination is other than the United States or Canada, the actual return shipping cost will be assessed. - The damaged rod with a brief note explaining the problem - Your original sales receipt - Your return address - Preferred contact method *** $129.99 REPLACEMENT FEE ALONG WITH RETURN OF ALL SECTIONS AND PARTS. Guide and component repairs will be made at no cost to the consumer when applicable for the first year of ownership from the original sales date. Shipping will be paid for by the customer. If possible we will source the repair to an applicable repair shop in your area and cover the cost of the guide repair. Please send the following: - Check or money order to cover the return shipping and repair cost - The damaged rod with a brief note explaining the problem - Your return address - Preferred contact method - This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the rod and does not cover consequential damages due to the failure of the rod.