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Continuing on with the 2020 expansion we are excited to introduce you to the GHOST CODE. It's the little things that really set one swimbait rod apart from the next. Simple aspects like grip length or reel seat comfort. GHOST CODE brings you entry to mid level price point and components pieced together on top of a superior proprietary Graphic X Carbon Fiber blended blank. The initial launch of the Ghost Code will include the first 2 of 4 models. Each focusing their primary and efficient target weight near the lower end of each lure weight rating paired with a very clean taper making each a very effective tool in your fishing arsenal. Featuring the first of there kind on a production model swimbait rod ANODIZED STAINLESS STEEL INSERTS hard pressed into TANGLE FREE "K" FRAME GUIDES. Give you less wear and tear and skipping the whole heart break of a chipped ceramic insert, also delivering you less tip weight and added sensitivity. GHST760MH 7'6 1-4oz Fast GHST710MH 7'10 1-4oz Mod Fast GHST800H 8' 1-6oz Mod Fast GHST800XH 8' 2-8oz Mod Fast