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Blacklist Super Composite Swimbait Rods by F5 Custom Rods. This series focuses on bringing cutting edge proprietary technology to technique specific applications. These high end rod blanks are designed to reduce physical weight, add sensitivity, and provide increased material recovery required for the relentless stress that is endured while casting larger than normal lures, such as big swimbaits. As well as prolonged battles with larger game fish. All of this is achieved by combining Super Nano Resins, the highest grade multi-modulus Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber, and rolling up to five different patterns as many as fourteen times under ultra high pressure to create the ultimate action, power, and durability. Paired up to the “Ultramodern” MW12 Microwave Line Control System, which utilizes award winning MicroWave Line Control Technology with Snagless frame designs and new dimensions to provide the ultimate in fishing rod line management improving both angler and rod performance, the Blacklist Super Composite Swimbait Rods are sure to be your best investment when targeting the largest fish in your local water. The MicroWave Line Control System is the most awarded technology in fishing tackle history with a total of five worldwide Best of Show innovation awards. The reason; it is the most effective and efficient line control system ever created. The very purpose of line guides are to capture loose line coming off of a reel and control it during the cast efficiently allowing the rod and angler to perform at their best. Combining science and practical application, the MicroWave Line Control System captures and controls line immediately in the first guide and throughout the cast with total line control. The results are improved rod reaction and better angler performance.  BENEFITS. • Total Line Control • Increased Rod Performance  • Increased Casting Distance    • Increased Casting Accuracy    • Wind Knot Tangling Elimination    • Increased Lure Range Of Rod    • Reduction In Fatigue    • Improved Rod Balance    • Decreased Guide Weight *Models* BLK710: 7’10” 3/4-4oz Moderate BLK800: 8’ 1-6oz Moderate Fast


Warranty: 1 YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED*** For damages determined to be from accident, normal wear and tear, or neglect, F5 Custom Rods LLC offers a 1 Year No Questions Asked repair and replacement policy. In the event a rod is broken, the rod owner must pay the replacement fee in order to receive a replacement rod. If we no longer offer the exact model, we will replace it with the closest comparable model from our current product line. Please send the following to the address listed below: F5 Custom Rods LLC 7700 N Hudson Suite 1 Oklahoma City Ok 73116 - Check or money order to cover the replacement fee and return shipping. See below for replacement fee. If the shipping destination is other than the United States or Canada, the actual return shipping cost will be assessed. - The damaged rod with a brief note explaining the problem - Your original sales receipt - Your return address - Preferred contact method *** $125 REPLACEMENT FEE ALONG WITH RETURN OF ALL SECTIONS AND PARTS. Guide and component repairs will be made at no cost to the consumer when applicable for the first year of ownership from the original sales date. Shipping will be paid for by the customer. If possible we will source the repair to an applicable repair shop in your area and cover the cost of the guide repair. F5 Custom Rods LLC will repair your broken guides and/or tip guides. Repairs are free for the first year; guide repairs after the first year will be $20 for the first guide and $5 per guide after that. Please send the following: - Check or money order to cover the return shipping and repair cost - The damaged rod with a brief note explaining the problem - Your return address - Preferred contact method - Original Shipping Tube Return shipping charges are $25 for shipping within the US, $50 for shipping to Canada. Residents of all other countries must contact us for a shipping quote at Return shipping labels will be provided to the customer from F5 Custom Rods and paid for by the customer. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the rod and does not cover consequential damages due to the failure of the rod.