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Since the day I decided to leave my life long career in the automotive service business, and venture out into self employment. I have had a dream to do something bigger than fishing. Bigger than owning a successful business. Bigger than a comfortable income. I wanted to give back to the community, to the country, and to the world. To show where drive ends and passion begins.  

We are teaming up with The Salvation Arm Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma City for

BAIT THE HOOK -  Future Urban Anglers

Our goal is to bring the same feeling we all share for fishing to those who may not have the means or the guidance to ever experience what we have been blessed with as anglers. Those of us growing up fishing with our Dads or Grandfathers, heck even our Moms and Grandmothers. Sometimes don't truly understand how fortunate we are, some of us had to learn it entirely on our own, but SOMEONE showed you how the very first time you went.

At a date that is TBD, we will set up and a city park pond. The Boys & Girls Club will bring in 20-30 youth in their program. We will provide a T-Shirt, Lunch, a full tackle kit including a rod and reel. There will be a guest speaker who will educate the young anglers on Conservation, Catch and Release, Cleaning Up your local body of water, and Species Identification. As well as Rigging Up their hook, bobber, and worm. We will conclude the rest of the day catching as many fish as they can until the bite is in their blood. 

We hope to make this an annual event. It will be costly, but I feel the payoff will be huge for years and years to come. All proceeds of this raffle will go directly to funding the event and future events. 


Raffle Item: One of a kind Lowbrow Mini paired with a one of a kind matching Lowbrow X F5 Custom BLK710 

$10/Ticket with no limit on how many you want

Numbers will be issued in numerical order of purchase and will be sent to you via email with in 5-10 days of purchase. Drawing will be held live at the Swimbait Universe Gathering in Virginia on Oct 9 2021. There will be a live feed of the drawing on our Facebook Page.