Prostaff Member Matt Tozer

Prostaff Member Matt Tozer

Check out F5 Prostaff Matt Tozer out of New Castle,Ca. This guy can flat out catch big fish any day of the week.

We have been friends (Facebook fishing groups) for about a year now and the knowlege that this man has stored up in his head about fishing could absolutely blow your mind! He’s taught me some pretty solid techniques that have paid off everytime. Whether it be where to find fish, what bait to throw, or just how to present that bait.

Matt’s first rod he ordered from us, (funny story) he gave me all the specs that he was looking for and we nailed it down to a price and time frame. Then he says “But one thing, you have to put Chuck Norris somewhere on the rod.”


Keep an eye out in the near future for some really big things to come from this man and his partnerships in the industry along with F5 CUSTOM RODS LLC.

Keep up the hard work Matt!

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